Carow Consulting works with your marketing team to develop targeted promotional plans tied to your corporate strategic initiatives. We have the expertise to perform a “deep-dive” into the characteristics and demographics of your existing customers and those you wish to reach. We review the results of your surveys, internal data, and competitive data to identify patient needs, trends, perceptions, or positioning. Our familiarity with this information allows us to highlight variances between actual versus desired positioning.

Frequently, there is a discrepancy between real and perceived demographic make-up of particular customer segments. We identify the age, location, payor category, and revenues associated with your patient populations. We review the demographics of your targeted customer base and estimate the market size, volume, and charges to determine the value proposition of potential marketing efforts. This information will be integrated with your campaign expenses to formulate a breakeven and potential ROI.

Finally, Carow Consulting can help you identify the unique qualities in your service offerings to position yourself appropriately in each of your marketing channels. We benchmark your services against current and future competitors to determine areas of expertise. Is it your quality, technology, delivery, convenience, specialized staff, or facilities that cause patients to seek out your care?

• Product Differentiation
• Product Positioning
• Customer Relations Management Synopsis
• Focus Group Analysis
• Branding Surveys
• National Benchmark Improvement