Care Delivery Sites

Organizations are adapting to satisfy the needs of their patients through expanded care delivery options by providing convenient access to concierge-like amenities. Carow Consulting will work with you to position your organization for future growth. We will verify that sufficient demand exists to generate solid margins prior to embarking upon expensive capital investments.

On the outpatient side, we will help you select the best locations to meet your patients’ needs and maximize revenues. We conduct a comprehensive review of the surrounding demographics, population, competition, payor mix, demand, and physician coverage to determine the most suitable sites. We also help you select the best mix of services and staffing to optimize your facility operations.

For inpatient care, we offer long-range demand-based forecasting of volumes so that your new facility is appropriately sized. We collaborate with your internal staff or CON consultant to satisfy state requirements to justify the number of beds needed and illustrate the market size, share, and surrounding competition. We work in partnership with your clinical leadership to evaluate inpatient care and reallocate complementary services by diagnoses, length of stay, and resource requirements, so that each unit is properly sized.

Care facility construction• Inpatient Care Expansion
• Inpatient Care Delivery Realignment
• Ambulatory Site Selection
• Ambulatory Provision of Care
• Feasibility Studies
• CON Preparation and Review