Integrated Planning

Carow Consulting can work with you to develop an enterprise-wide long-term or annual strategic plan taking into account the unique needs and culture of your organization. A threefold review of your institution will take place incorporating culture, internal performance and external forces. No one knows your Board, physicians, and management team better than you do. You know what resonates with them to highlight and drive change. Thus, you will guide the direction for the planning process, with Carow Consulting providing the necessary tools to support and finalize the process. We will thoroughly assess your internal performance – financially, clinically, and competitively to identify opportunities for profit maximization, enhanced service offerings, and growth. This information will be compared against external factors - competitive market, payor trends, pending regulations, and the industry outlook. The end result will be a cohesive plan for your management team and Board.

BoardroomKey components, based upon your unique situation, may include:

• Environmental Assessment
• Financial Performance
• Competitive Market Analysis
• Physician Integration
• Technology
• Care Delivery
• Quality
• Community Benefit
• Metric Scorecards