Making Every Dollar Count

Making Every Dollar Count

Service line development

There are limited capital and human resources to accomplish all of the goals desired by each organization. A calculated approach must be taken to dedicate efforts in the most efficient and effective manner. Carow Consulting helps you to concentrate your efforts. We can conduct a global overview of your service offerings to assist with prioritization of investments or perform a detailed review of a specific service line to formulate a plan for expansion.

Carow Consulting works with your leaders to gather qualitative information and performance metrics for each service to focus on the best opportunities and determine if some should be discontinued. Profitability, volumes, market share, and projections will be analyzed in conjunction with clinical leadership, capacity, investment expenses and innovation. We will identify the financial gems that exist in your organization to help you focus on more profitable growth.

Similar to our strategic planning approach, we integrate many factors into each business plan – financials, volumes, market share, outcomes data, technology advancements, projections, and positioning relative to the competition. Background research is gathered on the best practices and most robust service offerings in the industry and gaps are identified to determine potential areas of expansion. Quantifiable goals and timelines are established to set targets, assign accountability and track progress.

Meeting with our customers to identify areas and analyze results.

• Service Line Evaluation
• Profit Center Identification
• Growth Potential Modeling
• Gap Analysis
• Feasibility Alternatives
• Business Plan Development
• Dashboards/Scorecards