Uncovering & Solving Challenges

Uncovering and Solving Physician Recruiting and Awareness Problems

Effective Hospital and Medical Staff Relationship Strategies

Effective Hospital and Medical Staff Relationship Strategies

Physician Alignment

Many organizations do not have a clear understanding of which groups or physicians provide the most value. In most cases, hospitals are heavily reliant upon a few key contributors for the majority of their revenues and volumes. To sustain and insure future growth of the hospital, there must be an organized approach toward satisfying the needs of your existing medical staff as well as reaching out to the physicians and groups within the community. On-going staffing concerns, coupled with an exacerbating physician shortage and the need to provide adequate coverage, result in organizations struggling to fill vacancies and secure their referral stream. Carow Consulting will provide you with a detailed risk assessment of your existing medical staff and help plan for future recruitment.

Key questions must be answered.


➢ Who are you most reliant upon?
o For what services?
o To what extent?
o Do their services act as feeder mechanisms to other areas?
➢ Where have you experienced increases in volumes or revenue over time? Decreases?
➢ Where is the business shifting? Why?


➢ Which are the largest practices and who are the most productive physicians in the market?
➢ What are the perceived barriers to working with your hospital?
➢ What is the total potential book of business that could be secured?

Succession Preparation

➢ Who is closest to retirement?
➢ How will this impact your service offerings?
➢ What will be the effect on revenue and volumes?
➢ What are the risk time horizons? 1 Year? 5 Years? 10 Years?

Resource Planning

➢ For which specialties does your organization need to recruit physicians?
➢ What is a realistic recruitment timeline?
➢ Can the market support the volume required to breakeven on expenditures?