customer-centric care

Many hospitals are very diligent in measuring the satisfaction and performance of their various customer groups. To truly drive actionable change, one must look at the feedback from many different results simultaneously. Often times the data shows themes across various responses, necessitating a global action plan. Carow Consulting can help you identify these themes.

Many studies have shown that physician, employee and patient satisfaction are closely linked. Results are reviewed to determine if declines in patient satisfaction, in specific units, are simultaneously occurring with physician or employee satisfaction declines. Conversely, we analyze your physician and employee satisfaction results to identify areas where the two groups are positively or negatively impacting each other.

Carow Consulting can analyze your community health assessment to determine which groups can be better served and in what location. We identify pockets of “need” to assist you in better serving the residents in your service area in the most appropriate manner.

• Patient and Family Satisfaction
• Employee Satisfaction
• Physician Satisfaction
• Community Health Assessment